NADEX resistance welding controllers have been used by automobile manufacturers in 47 countries throughout the world. We apply the most advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence into our current welding systems to provide our customers with unique and leading-edge systems to meet customers need. We also put special efforts in developing environment-oriented products with energy-saving features. Using welding systems as a core, we are always trying to develop welding technologies such as arc, lazar, and plasma as well as new products.

Arc Welding

NADEX has unique product lineups for arc welding such as laser sensors that captures product shape and adjust the weld line on real-time basis.

Resistance Welding

NADEX’s high-performance resistance welding products include world-renowned resistance welding controllers (timers), welding transformers and welding guns that attract customers.

Welding Controller


Teaching Box

This system improves the operability of the teaching box that specifies the sequence in three-dimensional processing, whereby the total of setup time and processing time can be shortened, resulting in the productivity improvement.

Other Welding Equipment

NADEX has wide variety of other products for customers joining and welding needs as well.


Laser processing features high-speed, high-accuracy and low-strain processing, thus can be used for wide range of application such as welding, cutting, hardening and surface conditioning.

Welding Wires

Having complete lineup of welding materials for mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum, and long-year experience and accumulated know-how, NADEX provides customers with quality, performance and safety as the total welding system supplier.

Industrial Robot

NADEX is ready to deliver various robots and propose robotic systems that play important roles in manpower-saving and automation at every phase of assembly, transfer, processing and inspection processes.

NC Machines

Being a trading company having expertise in industrial machinery and equipment, NADEX has a diverse lineup of cutting-edge general-purpose machines.

Hemming Equipment

Being a trading company having expertise in sheet metal bending equipment, NADEX is engaged in press-hemming and robot-hemming machinery business, and ready to propose the equipment best suited for your products with the confidence in quality.


NADEX has a wide variety of cranes, from small hoists to large cranes with crab.

Plant Equipment and Devices

NADEX has a diverse lineup of products that contribute to your manufacturing innovation with the advanced performance in terms of energy-saving as the core.

Chemical Products

NADEX is ready to deliver chemical products such as welding spatter adhesion preventive agents, nozzle coating agents, rust preventive agents, cleaning agents and cutting oils and fluids.

Nadex Tools and Kit

NADEX has a variety of goods for working in safety under various environments, including working wears, protective gears and safety devices indispensable to production sites.

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